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Frequently Asked Questions

We summarized some of the questions we received and listed them here. Reach out if you have any new questions.


What is included in the price?

  • Captain and a crew

  • Charter (agreed days)

  • VAT % 18

  • Marina fees for the start and the end days. If you like to stop at different marinas during the trip you will be responsible for the additional marina fees.

  • Blue card for waste management

  • Exit cleaning: Detailed cleaning and disinfection at every guest exit. (Cleaning during the trip   will be the guest’s responsibility. 

  • Bed sheets, pillow and towel set in each cabin according to the number of people. 

  • Sailing workshop

    Optional extras that is not included in the price:


  • Transitlog (Mandatory)

  • Fuel cost that the boat and the dinghy will consume during the trip (Mandatory)

  • Private marina or pier fee that you may want to moor during your vacation.

  • Every extra bed sheet/towel set you can request. €15 per request. 

  • Airport transfer to marina €100.

  • Harbor fees for Greek waters.

  • Standup paddle boards

What should I bring for the trip?

Keep it simple. What we have experienced is whatever we packed we use only one pair of shorts and a couple t-shirts! We recommend you to bring  power banks to charge your phones because the energy is limited in the boat. Definitely bring sunscreen that does NOT contain trace oil and not in a spray bottle.  You may want to bring  a sweater just in case for chilly nights. 

Where do your trips depart from?

APPA is based out of Fethiye Ece Saray Marina and we usually start  sailing  from here, and head towards the Gocek bays. However, if you want to start your journey from a different location, it may be possible for us to set different routes according to our availability.

What if I get Motion Sickness? 

If you’re prone to motion sickness there are things you can buy and take ahead of time. We do carry a supply of things on the boat to help. Some find a quick sleep will help get things back in order, others feel better sitting on the topside looking at the horizon. We will also spend time on land as we visit various tasty restaurants and hiking locations.

Is sailing comfortable? 

Extremely! In fact once you try it you just might get hooked! We try very hard to make it very comfortable for you. 
Is it safe? Captain Sean is US Coast Guard certified and Asli has Turkish 149 gross ton captain license. Therefore you can feel very confident and safe on board with us. In addition, we will do our best to make your trip one to remember. 

Can we bring kids?

Yes, but all responsibility will be yours during the trip. We provide life jackets for all participants on all of our trips including kids.

What is the largest group you can take on a trip? 

Our capacity for captained charters is three cabins for six people. 

Are pets allowed?

At the moment we are not accepting pets.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

40% of the payment must be made within one week of the confirmation of the reservation. In case of cancellation there will be no refund. 

How is food handled on board?

There is cooking equipment in the boat. We have a 3 burner propane stove with small oven. There are 2 large refrigerators to keep all your food and drink cold. We recommend you to choose simple meals to not spend your holiday in the kitchen. You will be also responsible for feeding the captain and crew. (consider 2 additional people when purchasing food...) *This charter does not include food and beverages (except for drinking water which we supply. It's filtered through reverse osmosis and very tasty :)

Are we responsible for the captains’ meal?

Yes, you will be responsible for feeding the captain and crew, (2 Addition people). The kitchen is free to use at anytime, this means you can come down and cook a snack or meal anytime.

Are there any restaurants in the bays where we will be anchoring?

Yes, you will find nice restaurants in some bays of Gocek. Please let the captain know if you like to go to a restaurant to make reservations if possible a day in advanced. 

Is there a grocery store in the marina where we can shop?

Yes, there are grocery stores and farmers markets in Fethiye that you can shop for your trip.  After we arrive in the bays there will be small shops and some grocery boats like Migros that will come out and anchor for all your needs.

Does each cabin have its own private bathroom and shower?

Yes. Each cabin has its own toilet and combined shower.

Do you have catering service?

No we don’t have catering service.

Can you provide airport transfer service?

If you let us know in advance we can arrange your airport transportation to the marina.

Do you only do weekly charters?

Our sailing tours are weekly only. The check in starts 10 am until 12 pm on Saturdays, check out is at 12 pm on Fridays. 

Can I rent APPA without a captain?

No, all of our charters will be with captain Sean and Asli.

What is Cabin Charter?

Cabin charters, also known as shared boat tours, where you can snag a cozy cabin with a double bed and your very own bathroom – all at a more affordable price than renting the whole boat. With cabin charters, you're not just renting a cabin; you're embarking on a journey of making lifelong sailing friendships! We offer cabin charters for limited periods only, so don't miss out on the chance to join in the fun. Contact us now to get the latest scoop on cabin charter dates

What changes need to be made with Transitlog when changing crew (passenger)?

Port entry and exit documents are required for commercial boats and all passenger and crew information on the boat must be entered. In case there is a change with the crew the transitlog is needed to be updated with the cost of 100 Euros. 

Can I visit the Greek islands? What should I pay attention to during these visits?

It depends on Covid-19 conditions. If the borders are open we can sail to the Greek Islands of Rhodes and Simi. Exit procedures are different for Greece that will have additional cost per reservation including port exit document, customs, passport procedures.

Pollution in the seas, food depletion, maritime traffic, underwater noise (especially the sudden sound produced during oil exploration activities), deliberate killing and their removal from their natural habitats to be used in dolphin captivity threaten the future of dolphins! As APPA, we will be adopting a symbolic dolphin for you by donating to WWF-Turkey (World Wildlife Fund) and support Dolphins, playful children of the seas...

Dolphin adoption
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