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How it works

APPA's home base, Ece Saray Marina is our starting point from which we set sail for Gocek Bay. However, if you want to start your journey from a different location, we can work with you to set different routes according to our availability. For further details regarding routes, pricing, and reservations, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.
We offer two types of chartering options: Cabin Charter (available for a limited time only, contact us to learn about the cabin charter dates) and Boat Charters. With our Cabin Charters, guests have the option to rent a double cabin accommodating two individuals on the boat. During cabin charters, guests share the boat with other cabin renters, hence these tours are often referred to as shared boat tours. On the other hand, our Boat Charters allow you to rent the entire boat, accommodating up to 6 guests.
Choose the rental type you prefer and the available dates from APPA's 2024 calendar and contact us to complete booking. After that we will wait for your arrival at Fethiye Ece Saray Marina. We will then set sail for Gocek bays about a 2 1/2 hour trip. The map below details the area near Gocek in blue where we will explore. 
Bookings & Reservations
When you reach out to us via @Instagram, @Facebook Whatsapp @Email or by phone to chart your sailing adventure with APPA, the reservation process kicks off. Once we've collaboratively chosen a date and charter type, you'll sign and return the Rental and Disclaimer Agreements that we'll provide. Once these documents are received along with the initial payment, your reservation will be officially confirmed. We're here to assist you every step of the way, whether you have inquiries prior to booking, need assistance post-reservation, or simply have questions or concerns. Additionally, feel free to peruse our  Frequently Asked Questions section specially curated to address any queries you may have.

P.S. For the summer season we accept minimum 3 nights 4 days reservations. 

Trip from Fethiye to Gocek Bays

Everyday we will explore a different bay in Gocek. Depending on your choice, weather and marine traffic, we are flexible on day by day destinations.

During our travels enjoy hiking, fishing, swimming, paddle boarding, eating at tasty restaurants and learning how to sail.

At the end of our trip we will arrive at Fethiye Ece Saray Marina for your departure.

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